Protean Transdiscipline



Video Game Pieces

Music for ensembles

  • Alt F In Front of the Body - a collaboration on DMI improv staged in Hubs with Dirk Stromberg and D. Andrew Stewart. Premiered at MIME2021.
  • Perripplayear(2020) - collaboration with Nicolas Bouillot. It's a piece for any number of musicians playing any instruments. It's meant to be a distributed performance with playears located in different geographical locations.


  • (IR)Rationnel : is an installation commissioned by the Centre des sciences de Montréal.
  • Re-Collect : Re-Collect is a responsive installation that uses sculptural objects, live recordings and playback, to draw attention to the visitors’ physical presence and movement within the installation space.
  • Des histoires personnelles : Reactable installation



My first solo full-length album

… also available through most major streaming services

Other official releases

contributions to compilations

No One Receiving

No one receiving has a bandcamp page as well:



This was my entry to the first Drone Cinema Film Festival


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