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This page exists as a test for various features of css and structural elements. Let's start:

Heading 1

And here we have a paragraph that's inside a top heading. I would like this paragraph to be very long but for now I will waste my time writing any more that I feel like.

Heading 2

This is next level in the outline hierachy. Let's make us a list: Here starts a numbered list:

  1. Item first on the list
  2. Second item:
    1. with a sublist
    2. and so on

Here's an unnumbered/unorderd bullet point list:

  • this
  • that
    • here we have a nested one
      • and another level for fun

And another paragraph following the lists.

And this is a test of an epigraph….

A quote inside an empigraph1

And a footer inside a blockquote…

And let's quote something in the orthodox way:

No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.

– H. L. Mencken, "Notes on Journalism"

We will also want to put some source code:

class boo:
    def __init__(self):

And this is an image placed in the body of the text. It should occupy the width of the paragraph:

Figure 1: This is Fadeferra screenshot

And the following is an image placed as a margin figure. It should appear next to this very paragraph.

Figure 2: This is Fadeferra screenshot

And the follwoing image uses fullwidth class to occupy the entire width of the page.

Figure 3: This is Fadeferra screenshot



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