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Collaboration with Jane Tingley


Re-Collect is a responsive installation that uses sculptural objects, live recordings and playback, to draw attention to the visitors’ physical presence and movement within the installation space. The visitor triggers sounds recordings, ambient light fluctuations and an evolving sound composition that is played back through the sculptural elements when moving throughout the room. The playback consists of a mixture of live and past sound recordings that together reveal the recorded memory of past visitors and exhibition locations. The sonic and visual spatialization of sound and light amplify the viewing experience and direct attention to the viewer’s entanglement within the sculptural body and the fact that the space too carries with it a history.

The physical space of Re-Collect suggests the synaptic connections within the nervous system in particular the brain, which is central component to how we form memories. When visitors enter the gallery space they will see a room filled with 30 semi-transparent objects hanging from the ceiling, which are interconnected by data and power wiring – some contain sensors, microphones, and speakers, and all of them contain three filaments of Fiber Optic cabling. In its entirety, Re-Collect forms a luminescent and sonic mass attentive to its environment, which uses sound as a metaphor for the electrical impulses moving through the brain and points to the moment that two entities meet – when memories form – entangle with the present – and shape experience.

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