Protean Transdiscipline


A selection of musical works:


An improvisation Guitar, Pure-data patch.


An improvisation with some further post-production.


In duo with Lise Comtois. Poetry, guitar, computer. Texts written and performed by Lise (in French), translated by myself (and performed as well).


Some experiments with live sample treatment with pulsar trains, just intonation, prepared guitar. These 4 tracks are circa 2006.

Seven bagatelles.

The seven pieces were improvised one evening, one after another with brief moments of reflextion. Reflexion periods are not necessary for listening but may be used nevertheless. The pieces were played in the order they are presented here but during playback that order needs not be preserved.

  1. Magnetic - Magnetic fields and objects. (and echoes)
  2. Cycle me - Play, as soon as you hear computer's playback stop playing. Resume playing when the computer fades out.
  3. Stepping over - Prepared guitar, ostinatos (and echoes)
  4. Double trouble - Juxtapositions of slow and fast passages (and echoes)
  5. Whispering axe - Cork and aligator clip (and echoes)
  6. Beater, so playful - Almost a song - Minimal Riffs (and echoes)
  7. While my guitar gently sizzles Electromagnetic interference of an iPod Touch with electromagnetic pickups, accidental hits, granular echo (and echoes)
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