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mimoidalaube is a comprovisation for T-Stick, a Digital Musical Instrument (DMI). It uses the Spranino version of the T-Stick, which is the smallest in this instrument family, and houses the following sensors: gyroscope, acceleromenter, magnetometer, piezo, as well as pressure an 12 touch sensors. It is an evolution of a DMI that has been in constant development for over a decade. This composition is a fruit of my participation in the second composer's workshop for T-Stick, led and supervised by the inventors of the instrument, Joseph Malloch and D. Andrew Stewart. It was an exciting opportunity to incorporate a DMI into my current practice of comprovisation. In recent times, I have been using a video game approach as a vehicle to music comprovisation and performance. Today's game engines fit well my interest in physical modeling as a mediator in human-computer interaction, visual scores and visualization in the context of live musical performance. I use different techniques of game mechanics and interaction in order to shape the musical material. The visual composition serves both as a form of a score, which invites and guides physical gesture and, at the same time, conveys information about the state of the composition. The public is a witness to the audio-visual feedback between the performer and the work.

mimoidalaube @ LAC2020 from djiamnot on Vimeo.

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